MP Signs is a local company that believes in staying local whenever we can. We focus more on products made and sold within Canberra as well as being community driven. We are more than just another printing company – we concentrate more on our different customer needs. Our values include:


Build Trust First, The Rest Comes Later

We try not to rush for quick payments without understanding what our various clients want. MP Signs takes the time to listen to what you or your brand personally need. In so doing, we end up delivering products that meet all our client’s specifications. The rest does really come later, it’s not just something we say for show!


It’s about the brand.

Once you visit or contact us, you’ll be pleased to find that we concentrate more on your needs other than building the name and reputation of our business. Also, we produce products with the best colors and artwork as well as paying close attention to every detail.


Be Rewarded Through Our Community Efforts.

We pay close emphasis on community engagement process. We take part in activities such as sports programs. We take pleasure in seeing a team we sponsored having fun and playing to the best of their ability.





We make the process simple. Here, you may call or email us or even arrange for an appointment. What happens next? Well, we’ll sit down, discuss with you and understand your various requirements, then we proceed with the job.


Reach Out & Have A Chat

Email or call and arrange to meet with us. Here, we’ll have a small chat, go through your specific needs or brand requirements. Simply put, we attempt to understand your different needs at once.

We’ll Find Out How We Can Help

Once we understand what you require, we will provide you with all the options that we have and explain how we will go about conducting the work along with a guide to maintain your print if necessary.

We’ll Provide You With What Your Brand Is Missing.

We have a vast experience with promotional signage and custom printing so we will always attempt to provide the best advice regarding your print or promotion gear.



Are you still struggling with what you want? Well, what are you waiting for? Contact us today! We will provide you with the best possible information with a twenty-four-hour turnaround.