Why is it important to apply the appropriate heat press to any T-shirt print design? Even though you may be using the best ironing process, heat pressing tends to give a better quality. Iron is cheap, thus making it a more suitable option for people who are doing T-shirt heat pressing on a small scale. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, you have to do the process continuously so as to produce more designs. Hence, a heat pressing machine is the best choice.

Below are some of the factors that should guide you through the process:

The Quality of the Machine

You need to purchase an efficient, high quality and reliable heat press machine. To confirm on quality, observe the changes in temperature near the plate’s middle edges. Use an infrared heat gun so as to get the right temperature readings at all points on your plate. If the temperature readings vary greatly, then avoid that heat press!

What do you need then? It’s pretty simple, choose the heat pressing machine whose heat transfer element covers the entire plate while still providing a uniform temperature across all points.

Types of Heat Pressing Machines

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that T-shirt heat pressing machines are not always created equal. They range from professional tools to other basic types. The simple or primary heat pressing machines are mostly used by businessmen or women who are just starting out or for home use. When it comes to the professional heat pressing machines, they have a bigger plate enabling them to function effectively on wide fabrics. These devices also come with added features such as time, pressure and temperature settings. As such, they are the ideal T-shirt pressing machines for entrepreneurs who produce thousands of orders daily.

Process of Using the Machine

It hardly matters if you’re using the simple or sophisticated heat pressing machines. Why so? Well, in most cases, these machines have the same function and operational procedures.


A Step By Step Process of T-Shirt Heat Pressing

  1. Switch on the computer by pressing the off and on switch
  2. Turn the knob of the thermostat towards the right side until you observe a red heating light.
  3. The next step is to turn the knob back until the same light turns off. Once the thermometer shows the desired heat pressing temperature, the red heating light will keep turning on and off as it regulates the level of temperature
  4. Set the machine’s heat pressing time via the digital timer (if present) and once you hear the alarm, press stop.
  5. Lift the handle so as to open the press
  6. Place the transfer onto the point at which you want to place your preferred design.
  7. Close the heat pressing machine against the transfer and the fabric firmly!
  8. Following the instructions found on the transfer paper (if any) and ensure that you have set the timer.
  9. Lift or remove the handle so as to open the machine
  10. Then, remove the transfer paper by still following the instructions. The main reason here is to identify whether it is a ‘cold peel’ or ‘hot peel.’
  11. Take about twenty-four hours before conducting any cleaning process


There you have it, the magic of heat pressing machines! It’s not that complicated when you get to know the entire process. The truth is it takes a large amount of heat so as to get the right designs transferred evenly and properly to your fabric or material. Keep in mind that low supply of heat causes terrible designs which can hardly stick on the T-shirt fabric! Do you have any heat pressing work that needs to get done?