How many T-shirt fabrics do you know? In truth, they come in a variety of different materials, ranging from lines and cotton to rayon and polyester. If your intention is to create a unique, custom, and screen-printed t-shirts, then you’ll need to take as much time as possible to investigate the various types that there are. You’ll find that they differ in texture, cost, longevity, shrinkage and weight. But why is proper selection of fabrics so important? Well, good selection improves the dramatic effect, durability, and popularity towards the intended market. Sit back and pay attention as we look into the A to Z on T-Shirt fabric.


Cotton is a perfect and classic choice. It’s soft, breathable, natural and readily available. Besides, it comes in different types. For combed cotton, it uses brushed, straightened fibers making it smoother and softer. When it comes to organic types of cotton, they are rather mild and more eco-friendly. The main reason behind this is because they’re usually grown with the application of very little fertilizer and pesticide. Supima and Pima are good-quality types of cotton with added long fibers that do not stretch or pull. Interestingly, they improve with wear!

The greatest disadvantage of using cotton is that it shrinks notably after you’ve washed it the first time. In such terrible cases, we recommend you minimize your washing machine’s temperature or buy already shrunk cotton tees.


Another beautiful and natural option is linen. Linen is made from slightly rough textures, with a material which dries quickly. It is particularly suitable during the months of summer as it wicks away water droplets. However, linen wrinkles rather quickly so be prepared to iron it frequently.


Lycra, or otherwise known as athletic wear, is a very flexible type of fabric which allows the entire body to move quickly. It is mostly added to other materials so as to give them more “stretchability” as well as flexibility. However, the disadvantage of lycra (the only one in this case) is that it used on certain portions (small ones) of a t-shirt. If only we could have a full t-shirt made of lycra only!


Are you into polyester fabrics? Well, polyester is famous for its ability to maintain perfect shape. Choosing this brand for T-shirt fabric frees you from the worries brought about by shrinkages or wrinkles. It’s also an active material which dries quickly. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for athletic wear T-shirts. The only discouraging factor here is that compared to cotton and linen, it’s neither breathable nor is it a suitable lightweight material or fabric.


Rayon is a man-made material made from trees, woody plants, and cotton. It is soft and silky which makes it useful for anyone looking for a safe and comfortable T-shirt. The texture of Rayon is good for any T-shirt printing process as it drapes rather easily. But there is a slight problem! The fabric lacks the strength or durability to last for a long time, and it mostly wrinkles after an extended period.

What Do We Recommend?

Cotton and polyester are our preferred types as they are fresh and breathable making them durable and free from all kinds of wrinkles. However, if you want to add a more draping feel to any T-shirt, add some rayon to your cotton and polyester t-shirt.


Various brands have different T-shirt styles and materials. Therefore, ensure that you’ve conducted a thorough research on the different brands which have your best choice. Why should you settle for less if you can have the best?